A place where you can get the taste of India and get the best of flavors and aroma, that's how we would like to describe ourselves..

chef and owner

Indian food has spread the Indian culture all over the world and the terms Tandoori and Tikka have become synonymous with India. We bring to you the best of cuisines from the mystic land cooked using fresh spices that will surely leave a titillating effect on you. Blend this with the best of Chinese and Thai food and you will experience wide choices in our well-crafted menu.

Indian cuisine is as much about spices as it is about diversity offering you the best of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Add to it the organic spices that attracted traders to Indian for centuries and you get the best blend of aroma and taste. It is our endeavor to bring this taste to the New Jerseyans along with some of the best noodles and sauce from China. Indian and Chinese foods share a strong lineage with rich use of spices and form an awesome combination for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We have ensured that our dishes combine the best of the delicacies of both worlds.

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